There’s a new braai master in town – actually braai mistress – and her name is Suzelle. Actually, she’s very good at doing a lot of different things. But it’s her YouTube video ‘How to Make a Braai Pie’ that has thrown her into the limelight, with the video being shared as eagerly on social media as boerewors at an ex-pat gathering.

Six Things you should Know about Suzelle:

Suzelle1. She has a YouTube Channel where she posts DIY videos. She’s been doing it for months. The videos include topics like How to Change a Plug, How to Make a Happy Hugger, How to Peel a Lot of Apples and How to Get Fluff off your Jersey. She calls it a bitesize DIY Webseries.

2. Many of the comments she writes on her Facebook page ( are bitesize too. Very Short. And always sweet. They usually end with a kiss – like “Dankie to Watkykjy for writing such a nice post about me x” and “What a lovely article about me in today’s Times x”. Even when she introduced the now-famous Braai Pie (what to do with leftover meat), she simply wrote “HOW TO MAKE A BRAAI PIE x”

3. She told Times Live – “I always dreamed of hosting my own show. When Hennie, my neighbour, showed me how YouTube worked, I saw my dream could become a reality. I thought of a DIY show because I’m very creative and I like to help people and make new friends.” Hennie is now her cameraman and editor (when he’s not at school).

4. Suzelle is from Somerset West in the Western Cape. She’s 31 and single.

5. She’s always wanted to see Sandton City.

6. Her fashion icon is Charlize Theron, her best friend is Marianne and she has a crush on someone well known.

And here, if you haven’t already seen it, is Suzelle’s How to Make A Braai Pie Video:

And if you want a little more…here’s How to Peel an Apple (the Suzelle way):